Pollard & Read

Privacy Statement 

This policy is to outline to existing and new customers how we gather our information and what we do with that information once it has been obtained with consent.  This includes customers who are on our mailing system, earn and use loyalty points, have bought with us on the website and given their information in our physical location.

 The data details we have collected are for the primary purpose of ensuring that there is an electronic record of your purchase(s) on our system. The reason for this is threefold; Firstly, so that we can make sure guarantees are upheld, give excellent repeat customer service and lastly, reward our customers with a loyalty scheme.  

 Protecting your information is really important to us and we promise to treat your personal details with as much care as possible so you can continue having the confidence in us to hold your data whilst your custom continues with Pollard & Read. 


Who are “We”

We are Pollard & Read an independent retailer with one shop in Holt selling luxury lingerie. We also conduct business on our e commerce website 

What Personal Data Do We Collect

We hold the following information on our customers. 


  • Full Name including Salutation 
  • Postal Address including Postcode 
  • Telephone number 
  • E - mail address 
  • Loyalty points start date and points earned.
  • Purchase history 


If your information was collected in store (in connection with our loyalty scheme and mailing list) you would have been given the option to provide us with some or all of the above data and we have only entered the data that you have given us permission to enter.

If you have placed an order online we would have collected name, address, telephone number, email and purchase history as these fields are mandatory to complete when placing an order.


Where do We keep your information? 

We use a system called Cybertill to manage all of our retail management. Cybertill is a cloud - based modular platform which allows us to manage our stock and sales in store and online in real time.  


How we use this Information 

The information that you give us will be used to send you a brochure once a year full of the newest products and with any news on relevant offers. We also will, if provided with a current email address, send out marketing emails approximately once a month. For the most part these are sent to all our customers who have provided their email in store or online, however on occasion we will use the purchase history information to tailor certain emails to your preferred brands or products. 

We keep a record of your purchase history on our Cybertill system for the purpose of guarantee in case a physical copy of the receipt is misplaced or should we need to query a fault with the manufacture. Furthermore, your purchases are recorded so that we can issue you with the correct amount of loyalty points on your purchase for when you next shop with us, this is 5% on purchases £50 or above. 

The data we hold will never be shared with or sold on to third parties. If you consented to join our mailing list but change your mind you can opt out at any time by unsubscribing on any of the emails that you receive from us or by returning our brochure.

Third Parties 

We use Mailchimp as our e-newsletter processor. Mailchimp stores data on our account which allows us to create and send marketing email campaigns tailored to you on occasion. The profiling for this is done in house. 



In our physical premises we have CCTV and you will be recorded when you are on site. This is to ensure the safety and security of you whilst visiting us and or staff members as well. The CCTV is only ever viewed with good reason, such as a theft and is viewed by the shop floor team effected in private and by the relevant authorities on request. We have on display signs that we are using CCTV. 


Subject Access Rights 

You have the right to ask to see the data we hold on you. If this something you would like to do now, or in the future please contact the Data Protection Officer at with ‘Data protection enquiry’ in the subject bar. Alternatively you can write a request to;


The Data Protection Officer 

2a Shirehall Plain



NR25 6HT


We will ask you a few questions so that we are able to identify the right information whilst protecting others. We will respond as quickly as possible but we ask that you allow 14 working days to respond to your request. If you decide you are not happy with the information that we have your details will be amended or deleted from our systems.