Please allow a longer delivery time than usual (for the UK, please allow 7-10 days). Your order will be sent via a DHL Courier service which aims to deliver in two to three working days. If immediate delivery is essential, then please telephone Pollard & Read, on 01263 714011, to ensure the item is in stock and priority is given to your delivery. We will ask you to pay an additional charge, where Royal Mail charges us more for the delivery. 

Product Availability and Stocking
We make every effort to stock a reasonable quantity of each item listed on the website. However, we have elected to provide a wide choice to our customers and, therefore, it is not always possible to stock sufficient quantities to guarantee immediate despatch. When we receive an order via the website, we will endeavour to despatch the item to you within 7 working days. If we cannot despatch the item within 7 working days then we will contact you to let you know the anticipated date for despatch, or allow you to reconsider your order should an item be out of stock or faulty. 

Delivery Costs
Deliveries to mainland United Kingdom over £100 in value will be free of charge. For orders under £100 value, we charge a flat rate of £3.50 to cover the costs of packaging, postage and administration.  Other delivery costs vary by country and region.

Shipping and Insurance
Orders are sent to you via Royal Mail, with insurance against damage. When you receive the goods, please make sure that they are in good condition. If not, you must contact us immediately so we can make the necessary claim from Royal Mail. We will ask you to return the goods to us and, upon receipt, aim to despatch a replacement item to you as soon as possible and reimburse you for the cost of return postage. If we are unable to source a replacement item, then we will reimburse you the amount paid for the item.

Invoices & Receipts
We will send a receipt for all orders, either with the goods or to follow in the post, except those sent to third parties as gifts. In these cases, we send a separate receipt direct to the purchaser.

Returns - Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases from the Pollard & Read website. If you are not satisfied with the goods you receive, you may return them to us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund, provided that the goods are received by us in good condition. You will have to bear the cost of return postage or courier, unless the goods were damaged before you received them OR our product description was misleading, in which case we will refund your return postage costs (see "shipping and insurance" and "accuracy of information" sections of our terms and conditions).
*Please note that all returned orders, on receipt of delivery, will be placed in quarantine for 72 hours.


If you have any queries about delivery or returns, please telephone Pollard & Read on 01263 714011.