Bra Style Guide


Balconette Bra
One of the defining features of a Balconette or Balcony bra is that the under wires come midway between the breasts giving you a flattering shape and line under clothes. The wiring combined with the wider set straps gently lift and separate your bust enhancing your natural curve and slightly increasing the appearance of cleavage.  This style suits most breast types, and is particular useful for lower necklines. Traditionally the Balcony bra was designed for smaller bust sizes but now has been adapted for the DD+ market.

Full Cup
Offers maximum coverage for those who like or need a little more support. The straps are typically more central as they come from towards the middle of the cup. The Full Cup bra offers extra comfort for the larger bust sizes and work best with a high cut top, but for a bra more suited to lower cut neck lines try a Balconette bra

Demi Cup
The Demior half cup bra usually covers half or three quarters of the breast and traditionally creates lift and cleavage. The straps unlike the full cup are usually placed to the outer side of the cu and the under wiring also forms a shallower shape unlike the Balconette. The demi cup is ideal for wearing with lower necklines without creating too much cleavage.     

Padded Bra
Padded Bras offer a little more padding in the lining of the cups, this can be to increase the appearance of bust size and cleavage. Some women prefer the feeling of a padded bra for extra comfort and appearance. Some padded bras come with removable inserts for an everyday look.

A T- bra is an everyday bra which is designed to leave you with a smooth shape and little to no line under even the thinnest of fabric. The main feature of a T-shirt bra is their smooth and seamless cups and traditionally comes in a plunge or balconette shape, T shirts bras can be either wired or non. 

Plunge Bra
The plunge or push up bra is defined by the low front and in some case side padding to enhance the look and size of cleavage. The low front makes the plunge bra ideal for wearing with low cut dresses and tops.


Most bras no matter what the style come with flexible wires under each cup to offer you maximum support whilst enhancing your natural shape. When fitted properly under wiring can offer great comfort.

Non wired 

Some women prefer the feel of a non-wired or wireless bra which relies on structured cups for shape and support. Wireless bras are highly recommended by Doctors and Midwives for expectant or nursing mothers to ensure healthy breasts during pregnancy.   

Sports Bra

Like full coverage bras, the sports bra come high up on the breast ensuring maximum coverage of the breast tissue. Breasts have no muscle so cannot support themselves, the sports bra acts as the missing muscle and supports your bust by keeping them closer to the chest restricting movement.

Maternity and Nursing Bras

Doctors and Midwives agree that it is essential for mums to be and breastfeeding mothers to wear non wired bras to protect against a blocking of the milk ducts. Nursing bras also have a drop cup, an easy open front panel to allow quick and discreet breast feeding.